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 A Healthy, Living 

At Meal Prep by CitiChef we only work with local vendors that provide us with the freshest and finest seasonal ingredients available. We work directly with our customer to meet their everyday and unique dietary needs. We are human, so we understand you may have a hectic scheduled and can't find time to cook for yourself. Don't worry we got you covered; breakfast, lunch and dinner.


*Vegan, Vegetarian and healthy options available. 

How does it work?


Menu is posted on our instagram account @MPBYC


Orders must be placed by 6pm on Friday.

Deliveries are made on
Monday and Wednesday to ensure freshness.

Delivery Rates


All meal packaging is microwave safe. Just pop in, heat, and eat. Enjoy!

Meal Program


5 meals

 Lunch 0R Dinner

Membership $60 weekly

10 meals

 Lunch * Dinner

Membership $100 weekly

15 meals

Breakfast * Lunch * Dinner  

Membership $150 weekly 

*Delivery is not included* 


Skip any week or cancel your membership at any time 

This weeks menu


Stanley Salazar better known as “CitiChef” has been in the food industry for over 13+ years. You might think based on his years in industry he’s older, but at the age of 27 Stanley has more growth potential and projects to conquer. Stanley founded MPBYC (Meal Prep By CitiChef) in 2016 as a result of him meal prepping for himself when he started his weight lost journey. Stanley lost an incredible 50 pounds in two months. That Sunday morning Stanley decided to post the meal prep he was making for himself on his Instagram account @CitiChefNY. After the post his followers started reaching out to him about meal prepping and asking if he would meal prep for them; next thing you know Stanley was prepping for 5 of his friends the following week. The rest is history, Stanley has help many people reach their nutrition goals with weight losing meals, balance meals and muscle gain meals. All this with an excellent delivery service right to your doorsteps so all you have to do is heat, eat and repeat. Many people don’t believe this but 75% of weight losing and Maintaining has to do with healthy eating and the rest is exercising. Stanley is the definition of hustle he's always working hard; thats the only thing he knows. Growing up in a low-income house hold things weren’t just handed to him if he wanted anything he had to earn it. Stanley admires his father because he works so hard to provide for his family sometimes working two jobs at a time for his family to live comfortably. The core value of MPBYC is to create a healthy, living community a meal at a time.

Chef & Owner

Stanley Salazar

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